About Us

“E-Trading” based in Algeria was created in 2007 as a company member of Issa Holding already established in the Middle East.

In front of an expanding national market, the needs for new technologies (CIT), smart buildings, safety and electronic security solutions and industrial applications are confirmed.

In this context, as supplier of BELDEN products line, E-TRADING is specialized in the sale and distribution of low voltage cables, “broadcast, coaxial, data, control, command, instrumentation and optical fiber”. It has been dedicated to provide its customers with specific solutions defined over a wide range of products line.

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To meet the requirements of systems and fire safety installations, E-Trading also offers a full range of fire resistant cables CR1 -C1 category for power, control and command.

With the evolution of the market demand, E-Trading has expanded its supply offer to meet the different needs of its clients, not only in terms of product line, but also in term of supply chain, while remaining focused on its core business, providing technical products with high added value.

Finally, in partnership with Eaton ,Cooper Crouse Hinds division, and to complete its range, intended especially for industry, E-Trading offers special ATEX products for NEC and IEC applications including “enclosures, junction boxes, Visual & Audible Signaling Devices, Industrial lightings, plugs, receptacles and cable glands”. At the same time, E-Trading presents other industrial products such as electrical materials "electrical conduit and cable trays, conduit fittings and electrical accessories”.

Through its entire supply, E-TRADING offers to assist its customers in defining their needs by providing them with the required service and technical support.